Cheerfulness As A Life Healing Power

Always looking at the “sunny side” of life and its challenges coupled with using Essential Oils has gotten me through many a difficult situation, including some extremely emotional and physical challenges.

For almost 20 years, I have used essential oils for a wide variety of purposes. Many were chosen as a way to help keep me on a path to optimum health. Others were used to help me focus on being grateful for what I do have and invite abundance into my life.

A few years ago I discovered “Cheerfulness as a Life Power” by Orison Swett Marden. The stories made me smile and laugh every time I read them. So after many readings of this book I decided to combine the chapters of his book and my experiences with using essential oils to give others suggestions on how they can help create a more cheerful life.

When reading the stories and you see the name of an essential oil in parentheses, it should be considered as a suggestion for which essential oil to use that can help turn a similar challenging circumstance around or enhance the positive aspect of such a situation.

Some essential oils are suggested as an aroma to use to transform a sad, negative or depressing thought into a more cheerful and positive attitude about a given situation. Others may reflect what could be used to recreate a happy moment.

I also added some pictures that emphasize the points being made in each story.

Laughter is good medicine.

In these books you will discover how to enrich your life with laughter and essential oils to create a joyful life and get on a path to naturally achieve your optimum health.

All over the world people use Essential Oils to uplift their spirits. Many studies have shown that laughter and incorporating a Positive Mental Attitude into one’s life can accelerate healing and help you stay in optimum health.

There are many benefits of humor. In A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle states “Laughter is extraordinarily liberating as well as healing.”

Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy are touted as a ways to keep fit and gain an edge on creating wellness in your life. I’ll bet you can find someplace offering one of these in almost every town now.

One of my favorite ideas is to be found in the book entitled “A Sunny Nature and Essential Oils: Naturally Create Optimum Health”.
The idea to create a Pleasure or Gratitude Journal is suggested by the stories here.

A quick synopsis of this idea would be for you to set aside a short bit of time at the end each day. At this time, inhale one of your favorite essential oils and write about what was good about your day. Also write down something about a person you are grateful for having in your life and why they made you smile that day.

Choosing lavender essential oil for this exercise will also help your body and mind relax and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

I would invite you to use these stories to encourage yourself to always entertain positive thoughts and to infuse pleasant aromas around your home as a way to maintain a healthy, cheerful attitude when faced with challenges of the body, mind, or spirit.

Smiling offer of an essential Oil

Click on one of the tabs above to read a short synopsis of each of the books and get the link to where to find them on Amazon. You can read just one of the books, or order the whole Kindle series.

Often, when you begin to use essential oils, you will begin to see and feel the benefits immediately. Usually when using them for aromatherapy to change a mood, the results happen within moments after taking in your first deep breath.

 All essential oils are a better way to naturally gain heath, protect the environment and support local businesses than most modern medical solutions. And they never have any nasty side-effect associated with using them. Which is another reason to smile.

As it is important to use only high quality essential oils for healing purposes, if you wish to learn more about the benefits of using essential oils, visit my blog at; where you will find tips on how to use essential oils to naturally gain optimum heath.

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NOW! is the time to take your first step towards improving your physical health and/or mental attitude with a safe, natural method that has been used Worldwide for many centuries.

May your Life Always Be Filled with Peace,
Laughter, and Optimum Health.

Julia L. Wright and her laughing friends


Laughter and Smiles